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    We do custom stone, brick, and stone projects. We repair and clean existing structures too. To make it simple, we are available for all your masonry needs.

    We build stone walls, as well as set stone exteriors and floors. We work with two types of stone: natural stones like marble and granite etc and artificial stones like concrete and marble chips etc.

    We use the best tools and equipment to repair the defects on the surfaces. Whether the defects are too wide for dry-pack filling or where the defects are too shallow for concrete filling, we can do it all.

    We can fill in mortar joints of brickwork and remove damaged mortar joints and renew them as well.

    We assess the damage in the stone layer, if needed remove the damaged stone, and do everything to fix the stone layers at your home.

    Is your chimney improperly installed or are there any leaks in it? Don’t worry, our roofers can install new flashings and if needed replace the roofing to seal up the tie in between the roof and chimney.

    We can repair and remodel any wall or floor anywhere from your roof to the basement. We can repair, clean, and seal any structure in your home.

    Do you notice a white discoloration or rust on your chimney’s firebox? Don’t worry, we are here to fix it within your budget.

    We repair firewalls, repair walls, terra cotta, and all the other structures with brick.

    Want to repair your fireplace? We at Bricksmith Masonry can do it professionally as we have the best tools and professionals with us.

    We can fix the damaged bricklayers with all the amazing equipment and tools we have. Feel free to contact us.

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